As of the 2018-2019 school year I have volunteered in twenty of our one hundred and thirteen schools and will continue until I have volunteered in all of them.  I do not believe this has ever been done before and I feel that by making the time/effort I am modeling what community can look like. It is important to me to step into and contribute to our schools as I question how a board member can govern a body of people they know nothing about. 

As a volunteer I have witnessed a disconnection between schools, parents, the administration and the Seattle community as a whole.  I will lead a paradigm shift where schools communicate with each other.  Where schools/communities in the north participate with schools/communities in the south.  I believe it is entirely possible, with a shift in awareness, for Seattlites to see not just their own children as mattering but all of Seattles children/students as mattering.  

It is also important to me, as a parent in our district, to support our students, faculty and staff by supplying schools with social workers.  Our schools currently lack professional support for students experiencing trauma and a faculty who needs support from their administration

As a School Board Member, I will continue my devotion to volunteering in all schools and communicating to the Seattle Community as a whole what I am learning, where your tax dollars are going (our values are in our budget), what each individual schools needs are and how you can contribute.

crystal liston